Our prime purpose as a Charity is to promote biodiversity through the conservation of habitats at High Batts and its surroundings.  High Batts is part of Ripon Parks Site of Special Scientific Interest and all the management tasks we undertake to protect and enhance habitats is with the agreement of Natural England. We work with other bodies providing advice and assistance on conservation.

Our species recording programme

In order to monitor the success of our management arrangements we have an extensive programme of species recording so that we can:-

  • record possible changes in the status of the wildlife
  • help to determine conservation strategies and assess their effects
  • identify rare species and those under threat
  • provide a historical record of species and to show trends in population
  • contribute to regional and national records

You can find out more about our recording programme and how to take part here.

Since the 1980s we have published annual reports of our findings, the latest copies of which are available here.

In at the Start project

From 2018 we have been working in partnership with Hanson Aggregates to assist with the conservation elements of their Pennycroft extraction site which is adjacent to the Reserve. This award winning project “In at the Start” is a long term commitment to work for the successful restoration of the site following the end of the quarrying process.