Buzzards, camera trap
Buzzards, camera trap

Muck-In Sessions

With the beginning of easing of lock down we are able to plan some Members’ Muck-In sessions, to give us a bit of a boost, as our maintenance work is behind schedule because our volunteer teams have been much reduced.

We will be holding two sessions this month on 13th and 27th March, but the current restrictions mean that only members who do not have to travel far should attend.

From 29th March, the travel restrictions ease, and so will not affect the two sessions we have scheduled for 10th and 24th April.

If you are able to come to any of these Saturday morning sessions we would be delighted to see you. Just drop us an email so we can send you the relevant information.

Visiting the Reserve

As travel restrictions ease from 29th March, it will be possible for members who live further away to visit if they wish.

And from 12th April further easing of rules on social mixing may allow us to consider some opening of hides though there will have to be limits on the numbers using them. We will let you have information about this as soon as we know for certain that restrictions will be lifted.

Life on the Reserve

Badger, camera trap
Badger, camera trap

It’s been a quiet couple of months for visitors because of Covid restrictions and flooding, but there has been plenty of life about.

We began using camera traps about 2 years ago, provided as part of the IATS project, and these are proving invaluable at recording wildlife. It is a lengthy business going through the films but they are providing some really interesting insights into our wildlife.

In this post are just three of the latest images: buzzards which are seen regularly on the same “plucking post” (main photo at the top of the page); a night time visit by a badger (above); and roe deer (below).

Roe deer, camera trap
Roe deer, camera trap
Covid Restrictions Begin to Ease

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