Otter in the pond, by Ken Readshaw
Otter in the pond, by Ken Readshaw

From 19th July 2021, Covid rules have been relaxed, but as infections are increasing, the government has urged caution.

Because of this, at High Batts we will retain rules about the number of people allowed in the hides at any one time in order to reduce close contact. Please follow the guidance provided at each hide and be mindful of the personal space of others.

These rules do not apply to otters.

Digging on 28th & 29th July 2021

Heavy machinery is going to be used on site on 28th & 29th July, to dig out the stream. This needs to be done every couple of years, otherwise the stream silts up.

If you’re going to visit the Reserve on either of those days, please be prepared for some disruption.

Covid Measures

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