Spreading woodchip on selected areas in Pennycroft
Spreading woodchip on selected areas in Pennycroft

Nine volunteers took part in the Muck-In Morning on 4th February 2023.

The task was using woodchips that had been made after coppicing work on the Reserve. We put them on the paths as a surfacing material.

Limestone chips are sometimes used to surface the paths, but they are expensive and when the river floods High Batts they are simply washed away. Woodchip is cheaper so it matters less if the Ure takes it. It also has the advantage of being quieter to walk on.

The photo shows some of the team in the Pennycroft area. The high-viz gilets are not only a fashion choice, but also required when working in Pennycroft, which is not generally open to High Batts members.

Muck-In Morning 4th February 2023

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